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Welcome to waxing! This method of hair removal is a game changer and we at SkinWise pride ourselves on being THE BEST. We utilize only high-end, holistic products and don't compromise on thoroughness and comfort in the name of speed. We're vigilant about sanitation, always wear gloves and never double dip. Waxing produces  superior, longer lasting results without shadow or stubble and trains the hair over time to become thinner and softer. When you step into our space, you can expect an inviting atmosphere, a thoroughly clean environment and a highly skilled waxer who will guide you through what to expect and how to care for your skin afterwards. If you're feeling timid, start with something small. You'll LOVE it! 

$60, Brazilian* - Initial visit (or over 6 weeks)

$55, Brazilian - Maintenance (within 6 weeks)

$10, Brazilian - Additional time (above average product or time needed)

$35, Basic Bikini (top & sides of swimsuit line)

$40, Extended Bikini (further in on all three sides)

$45, French Bikini (bikini line + bum strip)

$10, Inner Thigh (add-on)

$5,  Abdomen- Quick center strip (add-on)

$10, Abdomen- Center 

$25, Abdomen- Full

$20, Underarms

$55, Arms- Lower (just above the elbow & down)

$75, Arms- Full

$60, Half Legs & Feet (just above the knee & down)

$15, Back- Lower

$50, Back- Full

$25, Glutes- Full

$15, Chest- Center strip

$20, Shoulders

$15, Neck- Hairline cleanup

*A "brazilian wax" removes hair in the intimate area from the front, back and everything in-between. Some guests opt to leave a small strip or shape in front. Your waxing expert will make you feel comfortable and discuss your options with you.

$15, Chest- Center Strip

$35, Chest- Full

$10, Stomach- Center Strip

$25, Stomach- Full

$45, Speedo Line (top & sides of swimsuit line)*

$20, Underarms

$50, Arms- Lower (just above the elbow & down)

$75, Arms- Full

$15, Back- Lower

$50, Back- Full

$35, Back- Upper

$15, Neck ($5 when combined with back wax)

$20, Shoulders

$40, Shoulders & Upper Arms

*Swimsuit may be worn or a drape will be provided.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer brazilian waxing for male anatomy at this time as it requires specialized training. We hope to add this service in the near future. "Like" our FB page for updates!

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