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                                                Therapeutic Massage

At SkinWise we make holistic skincare a priority and our massage department is no exception. We utilize only organic, vegan, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free products by Sacred Earth. We believe that environment and comfort are as important as technique. Expect a warm, inviting atmosphere with a clean, bohemian feel and consideration of individual sensitivities. Our warmed massage table is draped in ultra soft linens, free of fragrance or fabric softener. Aromatherapy is always optional and CBD oil based topicals are available for added anti-inflammatory benefit. Our licensed massage therapists specialize in multi-modality treatments. This customized approach allows our practitioners the freedom to assess individual needs and treat them in the most effective way. 

Whether your goal is relaxation, healing or preventative care, we've got your back!

Massage (multi-modality):

During this session your therapist will utilize a combination of specialized techniques to create a unique treatment, producing optimal results for each client every time. These modalities could include deep tissue, Swedish, trigger-point release, PEMF electromagnetic device, fascial release and others. Expect to complete a detailed consultation form and discuss any injuries or health related issues at your first visit.

30 minutes, $45

60 minutes, $85

90 minutes, $130

Enhancements: These add-on services ensure extra time or products to enhance your massage experience and maximize wellness results. 

Electrons PEMF, 15 minutes, $25

Scalp Massage, 10 minutes, $10

Foot Massage, 10 minutes, $10

GuaSha Fascial Scraping, 15 min, $15 

Cupping, 15 minutes, $15

Organic Full-Spectrum CBD oil, $5

Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy, $3

Assisted Stretching: Controlled, prescribed movements are delivered by a trained practitioner to improve range of motion, increase blood flow & oxygen to the muscles and increase flexibility to help prevent injury. This modality is wonderful for tension caused by repetitive stress movements or for muscle recovery after a workout. Assisted Stretching is done pre-massage so plan to wear comfortable, yoga or loose-fit clothing.

15 minutes, $20

30 minutes, $45


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