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                                                   Corrective Skincare 

At SkinWise our approach to skincare is corrective in nature and holistic in focus. The goal is to first, do no harm and secondly to achieve significant improvements in the texture, appearance and barrier function of the skin. We keep up to date on the latest trends, techniques and products, delivering a select ensemble of the best to you. We do expect our clients to partner with us on their home habits as we make a game plan to address their skin concerns. You should feel good in the skin that you're in. We're here to help! See our menu below...


*Time slots are limited, TEXT or CALL to schedule your session (online booking not available for skincare).

Pro Skincare Analysis:

Facial analysis with a licensed esthetician. This is an amazing opportunity to get pro level assistance to improve your skin without paying for a full treatment. A skilled expert will briefly examine your skin and discuss key factors such as sensitivities, current product use and diet, advising on best products & procedures to elevate your home-care regimen and improve skin condition. Schedule online or via text. 

15 minutes, $50

(fee waived with purchase of $200+ in retail products).

Ultrasonic Peptide Facial:

This dynamic facial is a great way to jump start improvement or maintain progress. Every session is customized to effectively address acne, premature aging, loss of elasticity, hyper-pigmentation as well as dehydration and rosacea/sensitive skin. Powerful organics are combined with pore clearing, ultra-sonic technology, custom exfoliation, and highly absorbable VDA peptides to gently remove dead cell accumulation, stimulate collagen and revive your skin’s healthy glow and texture.

* extractions may be performed.

* acne treatment program may require purchase of home-care regimen.

60 minutes, $125

Series of 3 sessions, $330

ProCell Stemcell Micro-Channeling:

ProCell can be considered a more evolved alternative to traditional micro-needling. By utilizing a clinical grade, highly concentrated stem cell serum, results can be produced without the need for deep needling of the skin. We are able to nano stamp stem cells and hyaluronic acid into the skin without inflicting unnecessary trauma & inflammation. This micro-channeled delivery of actives stimulates cellular renewal and new collagen formation with little to no downtime. A plumping treatment that is fantastic for improving acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, expression lines and uneven texture. Results are noticeable after a single treatment but for more significant issues, a series may be recommended. ProCell is an award winning treatment and searchable online.

90 minutes, $275

Series of 3 treatments, $725

Elaine Brennen Get Glowing Micro Peel:

This award winning, multi-benefit peel deserves its fantastic reputation. It is a mild, medium depth chemical exfoliation that magically produces a rare combination of significant results with minimal down time. Expect wrinkles, dullness, acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring to be reduced. Results are seen after one treatment but for deeper scarring or prolific pigmentation, a series of 3 to 6 treatments may be recommended. Text us for before & after photos.

*expect mild flaking for 7 to 10 days. Post-care kit with tyrosinase (melanin) inhibitor serum & spf will be provided.

60 minutes, $175

Series of 3 treatments, $480

Thermo Spot Removal: This truly remarkable, non-invasive device removes pesky skin irregularities such as skintags, milia, sebaceous (cholesterol) deposits, broken capillaries and keratosis (raised brown spots) by administering a mild current which dehydrates the target, leaving it to permanently absorb or flake off 5 to 7 days later

$40 for single spot treatment

$75 per 15 minute interval for multiple irregularities

*Optional add-on: Celluma LED to speed healing.

Celluma LED Panel: 

This professional grade LED panel is well known in the aesthetic and dermatological world. Celluma is much more powerful than home LED devices as the wavelengths of these diodes reach deeper within the skin to affect real change and healing. This Nasa developed technology is remarkable at reducing inflammation, healing rosacea and acne and stimulating collagen. Panel time can be added to the face during body waxing services or at the end of most facial treatments to speed recovery and amplify results. 

25 minutes, $30

Series of 4, $100

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