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Deep Cleansing Radiance Facial:

Also known as our "Winter Relief" facial, this skincare treatment is sure to relax muscle tension and leave the skin feeling smoother, softer and glowing. The unique organics featured in this facial are combined with traditional techniques of skin analysis, deep pore cleansing utilizing ultra-sonic technology, custom exfoliation, and reconditioning to remove impurities and revive your skin’s healthy glow. 45 minutes, $70


Youth Infusion: For an instant natural lift, this facial revitalizes with the benefits of diminished fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. This stimulating and energizing treatment utilizes high-performance  products with concentrated actives that have age-defying benefits for smoother looking skin that is plumped, refreshed and radiant. The delicate eye area is revived with a special moisture infusing gel mask.  60 minutes, $95

Moisture Drench Healing Facial: This healing and restorative facial is ideal for sensitive or rosacea prone skin. It’s designed to calm inflammation and redness while replenishing the skin with deeply hydrating botanicals. A hibiscus enzyme mask gently exfoliates stressed skin, enhancing its ability to hold moisture. A nourishing facial massage leaves the skin radiant and protected from harsh environmental elements.  45 minutes, $50

Acne Clearing Facials: 

Our aesthetician employs advanced training and experience utilizing Lira Clinical's award-winning acne clearing line to create custom treatment plans that target all levels of acne for all ages and skin types, producing real results. New guests are given a consultation which includes an in-depth analysis to determine your skin type, acne type & skin tolerance. Some facials may include extractions and LED light therapy as well as home-care product recommendations*. Most clients will see some improvement within two weeks and will have their acne under control within 3 to 4 months!

Acne Facial treatment: 45 minutes, $75

LED light therapy: 20 minutes, $20

Additional extractions: add on $10

*Expect to pay about $150 for your initial set of acne

  home-care products for best results.


Lunchtime Peel: A simple but effective 30 minute exfoliating treatment fully customized to the individual. 30 minutes, $45


VitaBright Peel & Polish: An introductory peel featuring Lira Clinical's brightening solution containing a combination of exfoliating enzymes, potent vitamin C and malic acid followed by a gentle scrub to wisk away all remaining traces of dull skin. This can be the first treatment in the 3D Peel Series. 45 minutes, $65 


Total Skin Rejuvenation: A deeper peel utilizing Lira Clinical's "Hydroxy 30" solution. 45minutes, $65

3D Peel Series: A set of three facial peels performed 10 to 14 days apart. This series of treatments begin with an enzyme and vitamin C peel, followed by a slightly deeper hydroxy acid peel and concludes with a hydrating lactic acid peel. These exceptional exfoliating products by Lira Clinical produce significant results while minimizing irritation with peptides, colloidal minerals and plant stem cells. A great value for 3 treatments, 45 minutes each, $150

We utilize Intensive Professional lash & brow tint products. This exceptional line is specifically formulated for the delicate eye area and is comprised of all natural ingredients, no coal tar or other toxins. The patented formulation and our perfected technique ensure quality, long-lasting results every time! Color options will be discussed before treatment to ensure a natural look and predictable outcome. Achieve the look of fuller brows by tinting fine, hardly visible hairs. Results last 4-6 weeks.

Brow tint: Approx 15 minutes, $15

Brow tint & Wax: Approx 25 minutes, $25


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