About SkinWise

SkinWise is Tulsa's premier destination for facial & body waxing. We strive to be affordable while utilizing only high-end wax products that don't bond with the skin like lesser products can. This means a far more comfortable experience and consistent results for our guests without concerns over excessive skin irritation. Our estheticians are waxing experts with additional training above and beyond their licensure requirements and all are highly experienced, having performed thousands of waxing procedures. We love making each guest feel comfortable and pride ourselves on providing an efficient yet thorough experience. See a complete list of hair removal services on our "waxing" page and review before & after care instructions listed below.
SkinWise also takes a holistic approach to corrective skin care, recognizing the effects of topicals not only on the skin but the body as a whole. We utilize high performance naturals in our practice so our guests can expect to see noticeable results without compromise.
Last but not least, our massage therapy department is exceptional with a warm environment and educated therapists, specializing in multiple modalities and a broad range of techniques. We focus on helping every guest achieve and maintain a healthy balance.
Our store retails unique clinical-grade skincare, natural products and gift items such as: Viktoria Deann Peptides, SkinScript skincare, proven brow & lash growth serums, post-waxing care, Nature's Brands Organics, Kuumba scented oils... and more!
In-store customers are offered complimentary skin analysis and product consultation by a trained aesthetician as well as exclusive discounts on most products. Call us today to get started on the most effective home-care regimen of your life
Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is well known for promoting relaxation and relieving stress but it's about so much more than that! Body work modalities like assisted stretching and massage can improve painful muscular and circulation issues and often have a preventative benefit... keeping imbalances from getting worse. These therapies can be an invaluable tool for speeding muscle recovery, relieving pain and improving quality of life.    

About: Our massage treatments are listed by time-frame rather than modality as our therapists prefer to have the freedom to customize the session based on individual needs. Your therapist will discuss your expectations and utilize a combination of specialized techniques to create a unique and beneficial treatment. See our "therapeutic massage" page for a list of prices and modalities. 


What to expect: We believe that environment and comfort are as important as technique. Expect a warm, inviting atmosphere with a clean, bohemian feel. We utilize only organic, vegan, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free products by Sacred Earth.


After-care: Be sure to follow your therapist's recommendations after treatment. These may include proper hydration, stretches, icing an area or applying topicals.


Corrective Skincare

Imagine your skin at its best! Most of us have concerns about our facial skin whether it be due to acne, sensitivity, signs of aging , sun damage...you name it!  Facial treatments are not only relaxing, they can dramatically improve the health and appearance of your skin over time. It's never too late to start treating your face better and the changes you will see from doing so are a beautiful reward! 


About: With our facials we like to keep it simple. Each treatment is customizable and utilizes one of our three exceptional product lines. Our primary goal is to provide a lovely, relaxing experience with a focus on delivering what we call "the essential 4"...value, luxury, results and education. 



What to expect: For new clients, our facial procedures always begin with a thorough consultation and skin analysis. You can expect a comfortable setting and a highly skilled aesthetician who will only recommend treatments that are suitable for your skin type and that will yield noticeable results. 

It is important to note that using the right homecare products is an essential part of developing and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Your aesthetician can advise you regarding skin care products and ingredients. We don't go out of our way to push expensive items on our guests but rather focus our advice on what is fitting and advantageous for each client. We value natural, inexpensive solutions as well as high performance luxury products and are happy to pass this knowledge on to our valued guests.


Aftercare: Typically there is no recovery time with our facials unless a peel or exfoliating mask are used in which case you will be instructed regarding 

aftercare by your skincare specialist. 


Facial & Body Waxing

These days many people consider waxing a necessity because of the convenience and superior results compared with other hair removal methods. With waxing, hair is removed from the root and new hair doesn't grow back for weeks, coming in finer & softer than before. What's more, after repeated treatments, some hair follicles can die or go dormant resulting in a significant reduction in the volume & thickness of the hair. Give it a try! If you're feeling timid, just start with something small. You will love it!

About: Our waxing experts take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. Our superior products along with refined waxing techniques greatly reduce discomfort for our guests. Sanitation is also of great importance to us and we always wear gloves & never double dip. Our waxing surfaces & products are sanitized after each guest. Finally, our waxers are experienced & fast! You can look forward to a quick, efficient procedure and thorough results.


What to expect: Expect a pleasant, thoroughly clean environment and a friendly, attentive waxing expert. Your procedure will be explained to you and then you will be given a moment of privacy to ready yourself for waxing. The area to be waxed will be cleansed followed by a very light layer of soothing oil to condition and protect the skin. The wax is then applied warm and removed. Most of our waxing services are perfomed using hard wax. After hair removal is complete a soothing lotion is applied. For facial waxing, an spf may also be added and for intimate areas Finipil antibacterial cream will always be used. 


Finally, plan to BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE! This will reduce the chances of letting your wax surpass 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, your “hair rooting systems” start to rebuild, the opposite of what we want! With continued maintenance, every 4-6 weeks, you will start to notice what hair does come back will be very sparse, finer, and much thinner. Not only is the hair less noticable but your waxes will be faster and significantly more comfortable as a result. 


Before-care: Whether you’ve been waxed for years or brand new to waxing, these tips shouldl be helpful to all!


--Take an anti-inflammatory or anti-histamine medication 30 -45 minutes

   before your appointment, to help your muscles relax & decrease sensitivity.

--Avoid caffeine before your appointment, as it heightens sensitivity.

--Avoid tanning beds completely on the day of your appointment.

--If your appointment falls on a day during your menstrual cycle, it is

   perfectly acceptable to come in with a tampon in place. But be aware, this

   condition can highten skin sensitivity due to hormonal changes.

--If you feel like you may need to be trimmed, put those clippers down! We’ll

   take care of it.


After-care: After your wax, you may find that your skin is slightly pink and irritated, feeling somewhat like a mild sunburn. Irritation will go away quickly, depending on your hair type & how sensitive your skin is. Our quality waxes are formulated to minimize irritation however if needed, hydrocortisone (0.1%) can help speed recovery.


--Avoid tight fitting clothing in the first 24 hours, so that your skin can breathe.

--Ideally, avoid steam rooms, saunas & any other activity causing sweat for the

   first 24 hours.


A first step for Brazilian waxing aftercare is to exfoliate, AFTER 48 hours, using an exfoliating glove and antibacterial wash. Exfoliating during the weeks after your wax will remove dead skin cells to unclog your pores. This will prevent bumps and ingrown hairs from forming on your skin. Apply an antibacterial / antimicrobial lotion everyday after your shower, while your pores are open.  We recommend Finipil Lotion by Equibal Labs, it destroys 99.99% of bacteria and is healthy for skin and our enviornment. This lotion will even slow the growth stages of your hair, creating longer, smooth results!

Custom Peels

Our facial peels are administered by aestheticians with additional certification in chemical and enzyme exfoliation. Every peel is customized for each guest to effectively treat acne, signs of aging or hyper-pigmentation. These exfoliants safely remove superficial dead skin cells to reveal skin that is smoother, more even, and younger looking with each treatment. Allthough you can expect to see improvement after one peel, a series of peels may be recommended to deepen and extend results.


About: Our spa offers varying strengths and types of chemical peeling to suit your needs and skin type at your aesthetician's discretion. If you are new to professional exfoliation, our LIRA Clinical Vita-Bright treatment is a great intro peel to brighten and smooth all skin types, giving noticable results with zero down time and is safe for expecting mothers.


What to expect: If you are new to us at SkinWise, welcome! As a new guest, please expect a thorough consultation and skin analysis. Your aesthetician will determine if it is appropriate to proceed with exfoliation as well as the strength & type of peel best suited to your skin type and history. The procedures are relaxing and often thought of as a shortened version of a facial. With some peeling agents, especially the stronger ones, some "activity" will be felt while the product is on the skin--typically from 3 to 5 minutes. This usually means a tingling or slight stinging sensation which dissipates after removal. Your aesthetician will discuss what to expect beforehand and may massage the area or provide a fan to aid in comfort. Believe us, the results are worth it... few treatment bring such swift improvement as a chemical peel!


Aftercare: Recovery time after a SkinWise chemical peel depends on the depth, duration and type of chemical used. In the case of our Lunchtime Peel, you can return to work immediately following the treatment. With our Total Skin Rejuvenation, your skin may continue to peel and heal for up to one week

afterwards. In order to speed healing and prevent changes in pigmentation 

caused by sun exposure, proper care of the skin after your chemical peel is very important. Avoid spending extended periods of time in the sun until all residual peeling has stopped. Use a mild cleanser, moisturize and apply a facial sunscreen with an spf of at least 30 EVERY day. Once peeling has stopped, continue to use sunscreen every day as new skin is more susceptible to sun damage. Exfoliating or brightening products may be used once the skin is completly healed. Rest assured, your aesthetician will clearly explain what to expect during and after your peel and will advise you regarding homecare requirements.